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Mid-week internationals performances

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AFC Champions LeagueAFC Champions LeagueThe Asian Champions League came to the middle of the Group stage tournament as all four Macedonians that are participating have good chances to advance into the nest round. Perica Stanceski and Mario Gjurovski faced each other in a 4:4 thriller match in the Serbian league, while Zlatko Tanevski joined Filip Ivanovski, Vlade Lazarevski and Pance Kumbev in the semi-final of the Polish Cup.


Asia, Champions League, Pohang Steelers (South Korea) - Tianjin (China) 1:0
Stevica Ristić played the whole game for the Steelers.

Asia, Champions League, Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i (South Korea) - Beijing Guoan (China) 1:0
Slavco Georgievski played the full 90 minutes for Ulsan.

Asia, Champions League, Nagoya Grampus (Japan) - Newcastle Jets (Australia) 1:1
Benjamin Kantarovski played the whole game for the Jets and got a yellow card in the 83rd minute, while Jason Naidovski didn't play due to injury.

Poland, Puchar Polski, Lech Poznań - Wisła Kraków 2:1
Zlatko Tanevski played the whole game in Lech's defense as his team advanced into the semi-finals with 3:1 on aggregate.

Hungary, Soproni Liga, Zalaegerszeg - Debreceni 2:1
Kemal Alomerovik came in instead Tamás Szamosi in the 61st minute. One minute later Montenegrin international Darko Pavićević scored the winning goal.

Slovakia, Corgoň Liga, Dunajská Streda - Tatran Prešov 2:1
Aleksandar Bajevski played until the 71st minute when Iranian international Mohammad Parvin took his place in the home team.

Serbia, Superliga, Čukarički - Vojvodina 4:4
Perica Stanceski played the full game for Čukarički, while Mario Gjurovski played until the 55th minute for Vojvodina as Miodrag Pantelić took his place in this thriller match.

Serbia, Superliga, Banat - Hajduk Kula 1:0
Milan Stojanoski played the whole game, while Borce Manevski didn’t play.

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