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Rabotnicki - Odense 3:4

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Filho's free kick goalFilho's free kick goalGoals gallore at Philip II of Macedon as Rabotnicki lost against Odense in the 1st leg of the Europa League 3rd qualification round. The Reds were unlucky but played good and showed that the Danish are nothing special.

After few chances on both goals in the opening minutes, Chris Sørensen's cross found Cacá in the box who stunned the home fans with his goal in the 20th minute, bringing the lead to the so called De Stribede. Rabotnicki started from the center and surprisingly managed to level in the very next moment with Dusan Savić's goal after the wonderful assistance by Bobi Bozinovski. But the home players didn't stop there as in the 24th minute goalkeeper Naumovski found Zé Carlos Filho who assisted to Wandeir for a 2:1 lead. And when everyone thought that Rabotnicki could score more for a bigger advantage for the second leg, Gislason with a header found Cacá in the 34th minute, who was left alone in the box and had no trouble scoring for a final 2:2 before the break.

The second half started a bit calmly until the 61st minute when Goce Todorovski played with his hand in the box and the russian referee pointed on the spot for Odense. Chris Sørensen scored the penalty for 2:3. Cacá's hat-trick seemed like had solved the winner of this game as he scored his third goal in the 70th minute. Than Rabotnicki started attacking more and more, and eventually scored again. In the 74th minute Zé Carlos Filho scored his second with a great shot from a free kick for a final 3:4.

Stadium: National Arena Philip II of Macedon in Skopje
Referee: Vladislav Bezborodov (Russia)
Assistants: Vyacheslav Semenov and Dmitriy Mosyakin (Russia)

Goals: 0-1 Cacá 20', 1-1 Savić 21', 2-1 Wandeir 24', 2-2 Cacá 34', 2-3 Sørensen 62', 2-4 Cacá 70', 3-4 Zé Carlos 74'

Rabotnicki: Naumovski, Ristov, Sekulovski, Bojović, V. Bozinovski (84' Dimovski), Todorovski, B. Bozinovski (69' Carlos Roberto), Gligorov, Zé Carlos, Wandeir (51' Marcio), Savić.

Odense: Lindegaard, Ruud, Håland, Christensen, Sørensen, H. Hansen (64' Andreasen), Absalonsen, Djemba-Djemba, Gislason, Cacá, Demba-Nyrén (78' E. Hansen).

Yellow cards: Sekulovski 41', H. Hansen 44', Wandeir 48', Todorovski 61', Gligorov 75'.

The second leg will be played on 06 August 2009 at 20.05 CET in Odense, at the Fionia Park.


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