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5 rounds have passed

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altalt 5 rounds have passed from the first league and we might say that we have a bit clear picture of what is going on and what should we expect. So, let's take a look.

Rabotnicki have managed to take the first place alone and are there with 13 points won from possible 15. With the games played and the win over Renova they might have taken the number one favorites role at the moment. But, as a tradition, Renova tends to start slower and then shift into a gear or two up. This start is not that bad for them - second place with 10 points. 

Does money play an important role? Of course they do, but it seems it is not crucial, at least so far. Sileks are on the third place with 9 points and without a defeat. Certainly a great result for them so far despite they made lot of changes to the squad before the start of the season. Champions Makedonija follow on the fourth place with hot & cold performances so far. Great home results, but poor away performances result in gathering only 8 from possible 15 points. Same number of points have 'home' team Turnovo who were finally defeated at Kukus Stadium after 17 months of football. Rabotnicki were the 'heroes' who managed to conquer that fortress. Maybe as a surprise comes Pelister on the 6th place with 8 points if we consider their financial problems. Yet, only Rabotnicki managed to outplay and defeat them so far and now the team from Bitola have two games in a row at home - an opportunity for even better score.

The second part of the table starts with 3 teams that have 5 points. Newcomers Teteks and Sloga Jugomagnat which mainly rely on home games for good scores and all-time best Macedonian club Vardar. All these three teams have only one victory so far and will be looking to turn things around if they are to make a success in this season, especially if it is known that Vardar and Sloga are already eliminated from the cup competition.

Nearing the bottom is Metalurg. The team with the highest budget and the team who acquired strong players in the summer transfer period is yet to win and with only 4 draws are on the 10th place. In the red zone, Pobeda lies on the 11th place with 3 draws and 0 points. They have finally managed to annul their deduction of 3 points and will start all over again now. Milano, expectedly, are on the last place with no points and only one goal scored so far.

That are the standings after the first 5 rounds. We are heading into an interesting championship where there will be battle for every place on the table, literally. The next round is this weekend and due to the Muslim holiday Bajram will be played throughout three days.


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