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World Cup hopes

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 The draw for the World Cup 2010 qualifiers has been made. Maybe it is a little too early to predict what  might happen and who will further qualify for the World Cup 2010 but our group somehow it’s very exciting and give us a lot of hope that the time for Macedonia at least to reach the last play-off games has finally come.

We are in a group 9 together with Holland, Scotland, Norway and Iceland. Except Holland who is clear favourite in our group the rest four teams including Macedonia are very much at the same level and with the same chances of qualifying.
The beginning of the qualifying campaign it’s almost a year away but the hard job that needs to be done starts now. First and most important for the Macedonian FA to do is to secure that the current head coach Srecko Katanec sighs a new contract for the next qualifying campaign or bringing a new person who is capable of guiding the Macedonian national team to success. 
In all the previous qualifying groups Macedonia had at least two or tree contenders for the first spot, which is not the case now, except Holland who is favourite in this group Scotland’s and Norway’s fans can hardly remember when they where last time part of a big tournament and Iceland’s fans same as us never had the chance to taste the feeling of it, rightly so the Macedonian football fans can be with real expectation for the next coming qualifiers. Let’s do not underestimate the power of Scotland and Norway but to be honest they have nothing more than us and they have nothing to fear about, same as us they are capable of beating anyone on the day and at the same time they can slip from anyone, so finally we are in the same boat as anyone else. Regardless of the name of the next coach he needs to be told that his task is to bring us to that treasures 2nd spot of the table which guarantees at least further play-off games or nothing less than that is accepted, because if we don’t grab the chance now probably we will not qualify for a long long time to come. Maybe we have a high hopes but nation without hopes doesn’t deserve a place in the qualification at all and let’s do not talk about World Cup in football.

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