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Dejan Blazhevski - Best player of first half-season 2012/13

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Dejan Blazhevski in Macedonian national team shirtDejan Blazhevski in Macedonian national team shirtHorizont Turnovo's Dejan Blazhevski is best player of the first half of 2012/13 season.

Horizont Turnovo was part of relegation playoffs last season, they are fighting for champions this season. One of the reasons behind this surely is Dejan Blazhevski. The 27 years old offensive allrounder returned to Macedonia this season, following a spell in Greece and he was easily our choice for best player of the first half season. He has played 18 times as starter and was substituted only once, in the last round in 80th minute. During his time spent on the pitch he has scored 9 goals and assisted 6 times. His excellent plays earned him a call for Macedonia for the friendly against Slovenia and already in his second match against Poland he has scored the lone goal for Macedonia. That is why, after Borche Manevski in 2010/11 and Filip Ivanovski in 2011/12, Dejan Blazhevski is the third player to receive's award for best player of the first half-season, 2012/13.

MF: You are Horizont Turnovo's player. How long is your contract? Do you have options for transfer, abroad or in Macedonia?
DB: I have a deal with Turnovo until July 2013. At the moment I do have some transfer offers but I leave that job to my managers. If they work out a good offer both for me and for my club, I might leave the club - if not, I am staying in Turnovo.

MF: Turnovo were near relegation last season, they are near first place this season. What do you think is the main reason behind this?
DB: Well, one of the reasons is surely the friendship amongst players. We all play like one, we know each other and we support each other. Furthermore, the club is well organized, the trainings are serious and the players are determined to show themselves.

MF: We remember you from the time you played in Pelister. You then moved to Greece and now you are back in Macedonia? What is the main difference between the football in Greece and football here?
DB: Honestly, I don't see too big of a difference in Greek Football league, where I played, and Macedonian First League. One main characteristic is the fact that in Greece football is far more harsh and tackles are stronger.

MF: Interesting situation happened with your international career. Usually, Macedonian players need to leave the country in order to be noted by national team managers, but in your case, you needed to return in order to be called up for Macedonia.
DB: I honestly did not expect such development of the situation and I was very surprised when that happened. However, I was lucky and everything turned out great for me, just as any player might wish.

MF: Now, once you are a national team player, we should ask you about your opinion for the qualifying group for World Cup 2014?
DB: We should be realistic, we need to take one step after another. We might not be favorites for qualifying in Brazil, but we will definitely give everything we have and who knows - we might make some miracle.

Blazhevski surely brought a big refreshment in Macedonian football. His speed and skills are something our football lacks and that is why he was easily noticeable and his opponents had a hard time stopping him. If he remains in Horizont Turnovo they might have a good chance to attack Vardar for the first place of the table and a historic success for the small club.


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