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Trichko and Ibraimi: Respect us as we respect each other

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Trichkovski and Ibraimi, photo: FFMTrichkovski and Ibraimi, photo: FFMIn a campaign named 100% football, Ivan Trichkovski and Agim Ibraimi express their feelings when playing for Macedonia.

FFM have started a campaign against nationalism and violence on the stands named '100% football'.  Ilcho Gjorgjioski, president of FFM was quoted saying "Respect has to be main principle. The game needs to be respected, the referees, the rules, the opponents, the fans. There is no tolerance for nationalism".

Among other, national team players Ivan Trichkovski and Agim Ibraimi have expressed their opinion about the campaign. "The national team is holy for me. I am a stranger when I play abroad, but I don't want to have the same feeling when I play at home. There is no need for insulting anywhere, but particularly not in sport. We play as a one in the national team. The fans should respect us and themselves as we respect each other".

Agim Ibraimi added: "As a professional I am interested in the play, but the feeling I am respected for what I do in my club and in the national team motivated me even further. That wasn't the case during the match against Denmark. There were some chants from the stands which don't motivate me to score. As professionals we don't allow to be provoked, but as persons we want some respect. Nationalism will not help us".


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