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Team of the season 2012/13

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Team of the seasonTeam of the seasonAfter reviewing the performances of First League players over the 2012/13 season, we put a list of the best starting 11 during that span.

We compiled stats such as games played, goals, assists and clean sheets to determine which players deserved to be on the team.

There were tough choices to be made on several positions as we thought multiple players were deserving, but we decided to go with the following line-up in a 4-2-3-1 formation.

Stojan Dimovski (Turnovo) - M32 GC30 CS16 Y2 R1
The 30-year-old keeper played the best season of his career, like his team who fought for the title until the very last round. His saves made him overshadow all the other keepers in the First League, and there were no doubts about his place on the team of the season.

Aleksandar Milushev (Turnovo) - M31 G2 A1 Y5 R0
The colleague of Dimovski, the 25-year-old left back was an easy choice as well. His crosses and offensive mindset plus the stability in the defense were enough for us to award him a place. After the conclusion of the season, he transferred to Rabotnichki.

Darko Stojanov (Turnovo) - M26 G1 A2 Y6 R1
First League team of the season 2012/13First League team of the season 2012/13 The former U21 national team defender played solid defense for both Bregalnica and Turnovo the past season. He moved from Shtip to Turnovo midway through the season and continued his brave style of defending.

Zlatko Tanevski (Vardar) - M18 G3 A0 Y1 R0
Tanevski's international experience was crucial for Vardar's title once again. He played a huge part in Vardar's rock solid defence together with Miroslav Vajs, preventing the opponents from scoring on many occasions.

Tome Kitanovski (Pelister) - M29 G0 A4 Y16 R0
His great form throughout the season launched him into becoming a regular U21 national team player. Although his Pelister had a bad season, Kitanovski was among the few from the Bitola club who made a good impression.

Ljubomir Stevanović (Metalurg) - M31 G6 A1 Y9 R0
The Serbian international was by far the best player in Metalurg. His creativity, positioning, teamwork and agility led his team into the title fight.

Ostoja Stjepanovikj (Vardar) - M31 G5 A4 Y4 R0
His good games in the domestic championship didn't go unnoticed by the national team coach as Stjepanovikj won a few caps for Macedonia.

Dejan Blazhevski (Turnovo) - M32 G17 A11 Y7 R0
The best player in the entire season comes from Turnovo. Blazhevski was already chosen as the best player during the 1st half of the season and continued that form the rest of the way. He proved a menace for opposing defenders.

Krste Velkoski (Rabotnichki) - M28 G13 A6 Y6 R0
Even during the first half-season, when Rabotnichki was near the bottom, Velkoski was performing well. In the 2nd half,  together with Bazhe Ilijoski, he was the driving force in the renaissance of the team that ended up in 4th place.

Jorge Giménez Artuñedo (Vardar) - M23 G4 A10 Y6 R0
The Spaniard's first season in Macedonia concluded above expectations. Giménez not just helped Vardar won the championship, but also established himself as the best right winger in the league with furious crosses and dangerous dribblings.

Jovan Kostovski (Vardar) - M30 G22 A10 Y5 R1
He was crowned as top goalscorer with 22 goals this past season. He also had 10 assists to become a tremendous influence on Vardar's championship title.

GK Andreja Efremov (Metalurg) - M17 GC CS5 Y0 R0 The young keeper finally got a real chance and took advantage of it.
CB Dean Mitrev (Turnovo) - M30 G0 A0 Y6 R0 Was part of Turnovo's stable defence, The only reason he was not chosen is because of Zlatko Tanevski.
LB Blagoja Ljamchevski (Metalurg) - M25 G1 A5 Y4 R0 Great performances from him during the season. He even got a call up in the national team after the season end.
CM Mile Krstev (Metalurg) - M26 G13 A0 Y9 R1 He wasn't always a starter, but when featured, he played on various positions making him an allrounder. He used his long international experience to drive Metalurg towards victories.
W Ivan Mitrov (Bregalnica) - M28 G8 A5 Y10 R0 The quick and agile winger was Bregalnica's best player in the past season and often fascinated the audience with his attractive style of play.
W Dragan Gjorgiev (Vardar) - M20 G4 A10 Y0 R0 The injury prevented him to show more the past season. When playing, he was unstoppable.
CF Muzafer Ejupi (Shkendija) - M32 G19 A3 Y2 R0 He was the brightest player for Shkendija in the entire season, especially after the departure of Nderim Nedjipi.

Legend: M - matches played; GC - goals conceded; CS - clean sheet; G - goals scored; A - assists made; Y - yellow cards received; R - red cards received.


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