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FK Pelister - Apoel 0-0

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 After break of 6 years, FK Pelister had another chance to play in European competitions. They were playing against APOEL from Cyprus in the UEFA Cup qualification first round. Final score of the first leg is 0-0.

 FK Pelister (MKD)

FK Pelister: Nikov, Todorovski, Petkovski, Stepanovski, Dimov, Presilski, Ristevski, Blazevski, Miranda* (Momirovski 68'), Glavevski* (Spirovski 83'), Junior* (Simonovski 89')
Apoel: Chiotis, Florea, Seghiri, Broerse, Kontis, Charalambides, Michael, Nuno Morais, Mirosavljević* (Haxhi 58'), Żewłakow, Jean Paulista* (Papathanaisou 80')

The match is under way.

Perfect weather conditions, but besides Pelister's fans on the stadium, the other parts look empty.
First corner kick for the visitors in the 7th minute. Nikov has safe hands.
Good chance for the visitors from a counter-attack, but Nikov saves the shot.
Another corner for APOEL but a free-kick for the hosts is awarded.
The visiting team looks more precise right now, but nothing serious has happened.
Dangerous FK for the visitors now, but Stepanovski clears the ball with his head.
One part of the first half has passed. The visitors can be seen as the better team so far, but they havent done anything in particular that will pose threat to Nikov's goal.
Blazevski made an attempt on the visitors' goal, but APOEL's goalie saves.
The best chance of this match for Pelister right now. Glavevski made a shot, but the goalkeeper saved and Miranda collected one bounced bal, headed it towards the goal, but the GK managed to stop the ball right before entering into the net.
2 minutes of added time in the first half.
First half is over. Pelister - Apoel 0:0. The visiting team had more chances, but we didnt saw a goal. The best chance of the match, though, happened in front of Apoel's goal in the 36th minute when both Glavevski and Miranda had a chance for scoring.
We will be back after 15 minutes. Stay tuned.

The second-half is under way.
Both coaches Nedzat Husein (Pelister) and Ivan Jovanovic (Apoel) have not made any substitutions for the second half.
Dissalowed goal for the visitors now. Offside.
Corner-kick for APOEL and a good chance but no goal.
Yellow card for Żewłakow.
Haxhi in, Mirosavljević out.
60 minutes into the match now.
Good chance for Żewłakow now after a corner kick for Apoel.
It is obvious that Miranda cannot continue this match.
Miranda out, Momirovski in.
Yellow card for Haxhi.
The match tempo is slowing down now and several players of Pelister have already been down on the grass for couple of minutes.
Papathanaisou in, Jean Paulista out.
Besides the substitutions nothing else important happens on the field right now.
Spirovski in, Glavevski out.
84th minute.
At the same time, Milano, the second UEFA cup macedonian represent, is playing the European match. They are playing against Omonia as visitors and are down by 1, after Kukaj scored an own goal. It is half-time break in Cuprys. Omonia - Milano 1:0
Poursaitidis in, Michael out.
Simonovski in, Junior out.
90th minute.
3 minutes of added time.
Blazevski had a good chance, but he was caught offside.
Nikov stops a cross from the right side.
One ofthe last chances for Apoel now, but the cross goes behind.
The referee should blow the whistle any second now.
Full time. Pelister - Apoel 0-0.

FK Pelister had an imperative not to concede on this match and they clearly achived it. But, will that be enough? A 0-0 scoreline on first leg match can be very open result for both teams for the second leg. It seems like Pelister have overestimated their opponent today and entered this match with too much respect for the visitors. It remains to be seen whether Pelister will be able to make a surprise in the return leg scheduled for 31st of July. 


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