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Rufeja disqualified, Zajazi stadium suspended

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After failing to play in two consecutive matches, Rufeja has been disqualified from the Second League.

The Second League will continue with 15 teams after Rufeja was disqualified after failing to show up in two consecutive matches. Their results from the first 15 rounds will stand. However, their results from Round 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 will be void and the games will be considered like they were not played. All further matches that featured Rufeja the rest of the way will be canceled, but their opponents will not be getting automatic three points on those games.

In the next season, Rufeja will have to start at the lowest tier.

At the same time, Zajazi's home stadium has been suspended after the match between Zajazi and Tiverija when the referees were attacked. The duration of the suspension is not known at this time, but FFM has told Zajazi to look for a new stadium at least 100 kilometers from the town of Kichevo. A similar incident happened at a Zajazi home game in round 19 when the players of Skopje were attacked, but FFM did not do anything back then.


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