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Bitola-based company Cermat takes over Pelister

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altaltBitola based company Cermat is the new majority stock holder in Pelister.

The saga over Pelister's future eventually came to an end. After numerous potential owners, a deal has finally bean reached and Cermat will take over 75% of the club's stocks.

Cermat is a privately owned company and its core business activities are production, trade and sales of ice cream, frozen foods, sweets and dairy products.

The deal between Cermat and the municipality of Bitola, which was the sole stock holder until today, Cermat will need to invest 390.000 Euros annually in Pelister, while the municipality will add 130.000 more bringing the budget to a total of 520.000 Euros. This is certainly great news for Pelister but also for Macedonian football in general because it will mean better competition between the teams.

So far, there are no announced staff changes.



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