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Interview with Tome Pacovski

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PacovskiPacovskiTome Pacovski, current goalkeeper of Vardar and record-holder for most minutes without conceded goal in the macedonian football championship, is giving his views about the macedonian first league, the national team and macedonian football in overall in the following interview given exclusively for
Similar to Nikolce Noveski, we've met Pacovski in 'Bliss Kafe' in his hometown Bitola. Only two days after the big derby against the club where he has started his career, Pelister, he was back in his town to refill the batteries. It was our huge pleasure to have a chat with Tome and he was especially  friendly and willing to give us an interview even though he hadn't much free time. Of course, our talk has started with several congratulations. He became champion with Rabotnicki last year, he is currently holding the record for most minutes without conceding a goal - 790 minutes and he started the new season with his new club Vardar in best way - with two convincing wins in which he kept clean sheet.
- I have changed the club during the last transfer-window and moved from the champions to rivals Vardar alongside many of my team-mates and staff. 
This was the reason to ask him the differences between Rabotnicki and Vardar currently having in mind the recent transfers - not only the players, but the board and staff members as well.
- More or less, the players are the same. Right now, most of the players we've been playing together in Rabotnicki are now in Vardar. Of course, Nedzipi, Demiri, Lukmon etc. are not here, but that's why Vardar kept Braga, Bajevski, Petrov, Ejupi etc. Having in mind that big part of the staff are as well here, the main difference are the fans. Rabotnicki have faithful but low-numbered fans. Vardar have much more fans and stadium is more filled when Vardar is playing.
We continued our conversation in terms how does he see the current championship. Who are the favorites for winning the title?
- I want to be modest, but this time we are the favorites. Vardar has very good team and recent results show that we play good football and we will be on top-of-the-table. Main rivals will probably be Makedonija Gjorche Petrov as they have very solid squad right now and Milano who have kept the roster from last season, plus got several new good players.
Tome was really in the mood today and he had the time to talk to everybody. Journalists, ex-players, current players... He had the time to say hi to everybody. The 26-years-old keeper is one of the rare players that still plays in the macedonian championship but it is called up for the national team by our coach Srečko Katanec. We've asked him his opinion on that matter.
-  It is a real pleasure to wear the national shirt. I am very proud when i get nominated for the squad and i am always doing my best. Regarding the players from the domestic championship - well, yes, there are many good players. Right now, I play for Vardar and I know that players like Jancevski, Bajevski, Petrov and several others are very good players and might deserve the chance for a nomination, at least for a friendly match, but our coach Srečko Katanec knows it best and it 's his decision, after all. I respect him too much and we shouldn't interfere with his job. He is one of the best, possibly the best manager that has ever been in charge for the national team and he has made very nice atmosphere in the team. 
This lead to another question. What does Tome expect from the upcoming qualifying matches against Scotland and Netherlands?
- Well, this generation is one of the best we've ever had. As I said, atmosphere is excellent and everybody can't wait for the qualifications to start. The first match is against Scotland and we all want the victory. It would lead us to a flying start. This is not just an empty wish. We know we are capable of doing it and we will do our best in order to succeed.
Our conversation had to stop eventually because Tome had his own obligations. We thanked him a lot, wished him good luck in his career and many, many victories to come and new records with his name behind them. 


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