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"Zhelezarnica" stadium gets suspended

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After the appalling conditions at the Zhelezarnica stadium, that venue has been suspended by the Macedonian federation.

The coverage of that story, when FK Skopje and Mladost CD played on a pitch that was in terrible condition, worked as the Macedonian federation has suspended that venue indefinitely. It will no longer be eligible to host second division games until it meets all criteria. That may take a while unless Metalurg and Skopje, the two owners of that stadium, decide to make some investments.

How the pitch looked for the gameHow the pitch looked for the game

Metalurg was already playing its home games in other venues (other smaller stadiums in Skopje), and now FK Skopje will also have to find alternative sites for their home games.

Furthermore, FFM has opened up disciplinary proceedings against the referees in the Skopje vs. Mladost game. They are responsible for inspecting the stadium and deciding whether the game can be played. So, their decision to play that match could lead to suspensions for the referees.


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