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Jersey sponsors for teams in the First League

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After addressing the jersey manufacturers earlier this year, we decided to also look at the jersey sponsors for the ten teams in the First League.

The business of sports is not something that's covered much in Macedonia, so we decided to look into the jersey sponsorships in Macedonia. This comes after we also analyzed the jersey manufacturers earlier this year. Of the ten teams in the top division, six of them have regular jersey sponsors, while Teteks is an odd situation. They play with "Pelisterka" in some games (mostly when wearing the white jersey), like they did on Tuesday against Turnovo, but in other matches (mostly when wearing blue jersey) they play without any logo.

Jersey sponsor by current standingsJersey sponsor by current standings

Vardar has the most well known jersey sponsor in T-Mobile. They inked a deal with the telecommunications giant earlier in 2015.

Shkendija is being run by Ecolog International, the company that has been funding the team. Ecolog has brought financial stability to Shkendija, but their transfer signings have mostly disappointed.

Renova and Metalurg have wealthy owners that own the companies "Renova" and "Makstil," but they don't invest much in football. The football team Renova, only founded more than a decade ago, was actually named after the company with the same name, while Mincho Jordanov, the owner of Makstil and Metalurg, invests more in the handball team as opposed to the football team. That's why FK Metalurg mainly relies on young players that come from their youth academy.

The front of the Bregalnica jersey features Quehenberger Logistics, an Austrian company that also has a location in the city of Shtip.

Finally, other than the odd situation with Teteks, Rabotnichki, Sileks and Pelister do not have jersey sponsors. All three teams would like to change that and infuse some added financial capital with a sponsorship deal, but that has not happened at this time.


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