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797 minutes and counting for Filip Gachevski

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Bregalnica starting keeper Filip Gachevski has now gone 797 minutes without conceding a goal.

The person most responsible for Bregalnica's improved play in the 2nd half of the season, besides new manager Vlatko Kostov, would surely have to be 24-year-old goalkeeper Filip Gachevski. He is currently on an active streak where he hasn't conceded a goal in 797 consecutive minutes. That includes eight clean sheets in a row. The last goal that he conceded came nine games ago when the leading scorer in the league, Renova's Izair Emini, got on the scoresheet in the 13th minute.

Filip GachevskiFilip Gachevski

That Renova match in mid-March is actually Bregalnica's last loss. Also, it's not like Gachevski has faced easy opposition over the previous seven games. He has squared off against Vardar, Rabotnichki and Shkendija during that span, currently the top three teams on the standings.

This story has been updated after Gachevski held another clean sheet in Sunday's home encounter against Sileks. He will now head to the relegation play-offs with an active streak of 797 minutes without conceding a goal.


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