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15-year-old Jani Atanasov to move to Inter

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Jani AtanasovJani AtanasovThe Italian giant has secured the services of Jani Atanasov, one of the most promising young footballers in Macedonia.

Italia Leggi in italiano.

Jani Atanasov, current member of the Macedonian U16 national team, has already booked a spot in one of the most famous clubs in the world. He is a product of Akademija Pandev, the academy school founded by Goran Pandev in his hometown of Strumica. Jani is the first player to make a transfer from Akademija Pandev, and it's a big one. He is a midfielder.

Atanasov will have to wait until he turns 16 years old to join the youth ranks of Inter. Since he was born on 31.10.1999, the transfer can be made official in January of 2016, during the winter transfer window.

Atanasov (#10) playing for Macedonia U16Atanasov (#10) playing for Macedonia U16

Goran Pandev publicly confirmed the transfer in comments to a local TV station. You can watch in the video bellow, but since it is in Macedonian, here is a translation of Pandev's words:

"From the winter transfer window, Jani Atanasov will be part of Inter. This is definitely a great satisfaction for our academy. I'm very happy for the kid as he will go to Italy, to Inter, one of the greatest European clubs. He will prosper, he will get a different opinion about the game of football, and I think that this will be a huge boost for the other kids to try and follow his path."

Atanasov will look to follow in the path of Pandev. Goran himself joined the Inter Primavera team as an 18-year-old and later made a great career in Italy, culminating in him winning the treble with Inter in 2010 under manager José Mourinho.


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