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FIFA World Rankings have Macedonia at #103

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For the month of August, Macedonia moved up two spots to now occupy the 103rd position on the FIFA World Rankings.

There was little change among UEFA associations on this month's FIFA World Rankings, with the exception of Serbia and Albania. Since Albania won a court appeal and was awarded a 3:0 win, that result was counted this month. Therefore, Albania was #22 (up 14 spots) and Serbia was #66 (down 23 spots). Most other European members either stood pat or moved up/down a couple of spots.

Macedonia fell in that latter category. Their point total stayed the same at 311, but that was enough to move them up to #103.

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Below are the rankings of Macedonia's opponents for EURO 2016 qualifying and 2018 World Cup qualifying:

EURO 2016 Qualifications: Spain (#11), Slovakia (#14), Ukraine (#30), Belarus (#96) and Luxembourg (#145).

2018 World Cup Qualifications: Spain (#11), Italy (#16), Albania (#22), Israel (#47) and Liechtenstein (#147).


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