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Super Cup postponed and put into question

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Macedonian Super CupMacedonian Super CupRabotnichki's great run in the Europa League forced the Football Federation of Macedonia to postpone the Super Cup for the time being.

Originally scheduled for August 19, the 2015 edition of the Macedonian Super Cup is now in question. It should have been a clash pitting League champion Vardar against Cup champion Rabotnicki, but the latter's play in the Europa League has caused problems to the date of the Super Cup.

Rabotnichki now faces Russian side Rubin on August 20 in Skopje, while the return leg is scheduled for the 27th. So, August 19, the original date, is obviously no longer a possibility, meaning the Super Cup will be pushed back.

What are the possible dates? It is hard to come to a solution bearing in mind the dense calendar. Both Rabotnichki and Vardar play their Macedonian Cup Round of 32 games this Wednesday and Thursday, while next week they have First League games. Then comes the 20th of August when Rabotnichki hosts Rubin, while First League weekend games repeat the following weeks as well.

When FFM made the schedule, they obviously underrated Rabotnichki's ability to advance deep in the Europa League. A huge mistake from today's point of view. Besides the league games on the weekends of August, there is the national team break in September and October for EURO 2016 qualifiers. The calendar is causing problems as you can see below.

This is the problematic calendar:

12th: Kozhuf Miravci vs. Vardar (Cup game)
13th: Fortuna vs. Rabotnichki (Cup game)
16th: Rabotnichki vs. Turnovo; Shkendija vs. Vardar (League games)
20th: Rabotnichki vs. Rubin (Europa League game)
23rd: Renova vs. Rabotnichki; Vardar vs. Mladost Carev Dvor (League games)
26th: Vardar vs. Metalurg (League game)
26th: Mladost Carev Dvor vs. Rabotnichki (League game) - definitely to be postponed
27th: Rubin vs. Rabotnichki (Europa League game)
29th: Bregalnica vs. Vardar (League game)
30th: Rabotnichki vs. Sileks (League game)

2nd: possible date for Mladost Carev Dvor vs. Rabotnichki (League game)
5th: Luxembourg vs. Macedonia (EURO qualifier)
8th: Macedonia vs. Spain (EURO qualifier)
13th: Shkupi vs. Rabotnichki; Vardar vs. Turnovo (League games)
17th: first possible date (Europa League group stage Round 1)
20th: Renova vs. Vardar; Rabotnichki vs. Shkendija (League games)
24th: second possible date
27th: Vardar vs. Rabotnichki (League game)

So what is the solution? If Rabotnichki gets eliminated by Rubin, then September 17 and 24 are an option. However, if a miracle happens and Rabotnichki enters the group stage, then only the 24th is left. But keep in mind that Rabotnicki's First League Round 4 game is also postponed and has to be made up somewhere.

A rather dumb rule, implemented by FFM years ago, makes things even more complicated: a round can't start if the previous round isn't fully completed. That means that Round 5, scheduled for August 29, can't be played until Rabotnichki plays its Round 4 game and closes the round. If FFM makes an exception to the rule, then simply the Round 4 game can be postponed so the Super Cup can take place.

There is even the possibility that the Super Cup may be canceled altogether.


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