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Ademi no sure thing to play for Macedonia

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Even though his name was included in the original squad, Arijan Ademi's availability for next month remains a question mark.

This is where things stand with Arijan Ademi. On August 31, he will show up in Macedonia for the start of the national team preparations. He will then be inspected by the doctors before a decision is made whether he can play in both qualifiers, one qualifier, or none at all.

Ademi said the following, "I am feeling better from my injury and I will certainly travel to Macedonia to see whether I can play or not. My desire is to play, but I will not take any risks. I will listen to the advice of the doctors."

Arijan AdemiArijan Ademi

Based on that comment, it looks very unlikely that Ademi will be available for both Luxembourg and Spain. Instead, it's more probable that Ljubinko Drulovic called him up to see whether he can make it for the Spain game on September 8.

Arijan is one of three defensive midfielders on the current roster, the others being Milovan Petrovic and Nikola Gligorov. Due to the uncertain status of Ademi, look for another defensive midfielder to be added by next Monday. The position would be very thin if Ademi is also ruled out for Spain, and something happens to Petrovic or Gligorov (injury/suspension). Looking at the options, the most likely candidate to be summoned is Dushko Trajchevski. If that happens, he would become the fifth Rabotnichki player on the squad.


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