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B sample of Ademi also comes back positive

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Ademi playing for MacedoniaAdemi playing for MacedoniaBig problems for Arijan Ademi as his B sample was also positive, meaning a long suspension awaits.

Earlier on Wednesday, Dinamo Zagreb revealed on its website that Arijan Ademi also failed his B sample. The result confirmed the positive doping test from last month. Arijan was in Switzerland on Tuesday with one of the team doctors from Dinamo Zagreb. Obviously UEFA had the result of the B sample very quickly, informing Dinamo of the news the following day.

The next big date is October 27 when UEFA's disciplinary committee discusses the case of Ademi. His punishment could be disclosed on that day, or possibly sometimes in November.

Based on the doping rules at UEFA, this will likely be a 2 or 4 year suspension. It will come down to intent. If Ademi can convince UEFA that this was not intentional, thus only being an honest mistake, then Ademi will probably get 2 years. However, if UEFA deems the positive doping test was intentional, then Ademi is facing a 4 year suspension.

This is devastating news for Ademi, regardless of what the ban turns out to be. 2 or 4 years is still a very long time. Arijan is only 24 years old, but being out of football for such a long time is catastrophic to one's career. How can anyone recover by possibly being shelved for 4 years? Also, will Dinamo Zagreb stand by him?

Cheating, though, can't be tolerated, so Ademi has no one to blame but himself. He took a huge risk by using a performance-enhancer. After any particular match, UEFA randomly tests several players from each team. Ademi was one of the chosen ones from Dinamo Zagreb, and he failed his doping test. Now, he will pay a heavy price as a consequence for that decision.


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