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Macedonia drops further on World Rankings list

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FIFA World Rankings logoFIFA World Rankings logoThe national team of Macedonia fell seven more spots to now occupy the 139th position on the FIFA World Rankings for the month of November.

2015 has been a disastrous year for Macedonian football. All eleven months have seen Macedonia ranked in triple digits on the FIFA World Rankings. They were in the low 100's from January to September, but that has spiked to the 130's in October and November.

Over the past month, Macedonia lost to Ukraine and drew against Belarus. That led to an overall loss of nine points, which was enough to drop Macedonia seven spots to #139.

The only UEFA members ranked lower than Macedonia are Luxembourg, Moldova, Malta, Liechtenstein, San Marino and Andorra. Yes, you read that right. Just six national teams are now behind Macedonia in Europe, a truly horrific figure.

When it comes to the 2018 World Cup qualifications, these are the rankings for the countries in Macedonia's group: Spain (#6), Italy (#13), Albania (#36), Israel (#61) and Liechtenstein (#163).


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