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Overview of Round 18 in the First League

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Grncharov after his goal; photo: VardarGrncharov after his goal; photo: VardarVardar will take a five point lead over Shkendija heading into the winter break after both teams cruised on Thursday, while Rabotnichki could not solve Metalurg to settle for yet another draw.

Vardar vs. Sileks proved to be no match. Although the game was played on a neutral venue in Veles, Vardar was superior on their way to three easy points. The opening goal came at the half-hour mark following a free kick into the box. The ball would eventually find Boban Grncharov who slotted a close range header to the back of the net. Vardar then scored two impressive goals courtesy of veteran attackers Filip Ivanovski and Aco Stojkov. Both guys unleashed shots from the edge of the area for two well taken goals. The final goal for Vardar was scored by Stojkov once again on an easy tap-in.

Highlights of the game:

Vardar: Gachevski, Hambardzumyan, Grncharov, Mijuskovic (81' Novak), Glishic, Gligorov, Dashyan, Petkovski (46' Blazhevski), Juan Felipe (61' Velkovski), Stojkov, Ivanovski.

Sileks: Mitrovic, Timovski, Rudan, Mickov, Ivanov, Dzonov (82' Ristevski), Gucev, Gligorov, Duranski, Panovski (61' Filipovski), Klechkaroski (69' Todorov).

Just like the game above, Shkendija vs. Shkupi was also one sided. Shkendija dominated Shkupi as there was a drastic difference in quality between the two teams. Besart Ibraimi showed good finishing skills in the 1st half by calmly sending quality chances past the Shkupi keeper. It was more of the same after the break. This time, Armend Alimi and substitute Shpend Asani scored nice goals on precise shots to seal the win for Shkendija. The visitors of Shkupi could only manage a late consolation goal after some bad goalkeeping by Enes Azizi. He was in position to make a save, but Azizi bobbled the shot and the ball would go in.

Highlights of the game:

Shkendija: Jovanovski (46' Azizi), Bejtulai, Rech, Polozhani, Cuculi, Useini (46' Asani), Demiri (63' Korenica), Alimi, Todorovski, Totre, Ibraimi.

Shkupi: Zendeli, E. Asani, B. Asani (56' Maksuti), Adili, Adem, Bajrami (83' Ajdari), Zuka, Osmani (72' Seferi), Arif, Iseni, Nuhiu.

Rabotnichki continued to disappoint in league play by settling for a goalless draw against the teenagers of Metalurg. Rabotnichki was at full strength, while Metalurg mainly fielded players from their U19 side (due to suspensions of many first team playing following the strike fallout), but it didn't matter. Rabotnichki could not get a goal in the 0:0 draw. Rabotnichki has become a master in collecting draws (eight of their last ten league games have resulted in no winner).

Metalurg: Ilic, Karanfilovski, Leskaroski (17' Stojkovski), Mitrev, Krivanjeva, Shoposki, Lekoski, Stojchevski (62' Kanzurov), Jakimoski (76' Krstev), Stojanovski, Naumoski.

Rabotnichki: Shishkovski, Siljanovski, Ilievski (74' E. Sahiti), Ristevski, Cikarski, Trajchevski (58' Markoski), Petrovic, Vujcic, S. Sahiti, Altiparmakovski, Ilijoski.

Bregalnica and Renova exploded for five goals, all in the 1st half, with the former side coming out on top. This triumph moved Bregalnica just one point behind Renova for the all important sixth position, the last spot that avoids the relegation portion of the post regular season play-off.

Highlights of the game:

Bregalnica: Zahov, Mitrev, Stojanov, Blazheski, Kocev, Zdravkov, Hristov, Velkovski, Ristovski, Mishev (69' Iliev), Nacev.

Renova: Efremov, Musliu, Mishkovski (85' Redzepi), Mecinovic, Mojsov (78' Jusufi), Shabani, Gafuri, Sulejmani (78' Selmani), Skenderi, Nuhiu, Ramadani.

Mladost, meanwhile, snapped its eight game losing streak by edging Turnovo 2:1 in Ohrid. It was a much needed lift for them heading into the long winter break.

Video of the goals:

Mladost: Petrovski, Elmazovski, Grozdanoski, Veljanoski, Gjoreski, Sherifi (89' Nikolovski), Dalcheski, Dimoski (90' Azizi), Konjarski, Cvetanoski (77' Markovski), Kalanoski.

Turnovo: Stoilkov, Tashev (65' Bozhinov), Iliev, Ivanov, Milushev, Tafe, Mavrov, Najdenov, Tanushev, Krstovski (46' Kochoski), Imeri (65' Stoilov).

Round 18 Results:

Vardar - Sileks 4:0
29' Boban Grncharov, 72' Filip Ivanovski, 75', 86' Aco Stojkov

Shkendija - Shkupi 4:1
5', 35' Besart Ibraimi, 55' Armend Alimi, 76' Shpend Asani - 77' Muharem Bajrami

Metalurg - Rabotnichki 0:0

Bregalnica - Renova 3:2
6' Nikolay Hristov, 10' Goran Zdravkov, 22' Angel Nacev - 3', 17' Ljavdrim Skenderi

Mladost - Turnovo 2:1
14' Dejan Cvetanoski, 39' Aleksandar Dalcheski - 26' (own goal) Sasho Gjoreski

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