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Tomislav Franc named new Rabotnichki coach

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Rabotnichki promoted their top assistant, Tomislav Franc, to head coach as the replacement for Igor Angelovski.

The move was expected. Franc, 48 years old, will succeed Igor Angelovski who became the permanent coach of the Macedonian national team. Franc has been with Rabotnichki for the past 7 years, the last two-and-a-half serving as the lead assistant. He knows things inside out at the club and Rabotnichki chose continuity instead of getting someone from the outside. Tomislav received a 2 year contract.

Interestingly, since Igor Angelovski did not possess a UEFA Pro License until two months ago, Tomislav Franc has theoretically been serving as the manager of Rabotnichki on all FFM and UEFA match reports. So, the results of Rabotnichki on the domestic and international scene have been credited to Franc, not Angelovski. Igor ran things, and everyone knew that, but only Franc had the necessary license on the staff to serve as the head coach (until mid-October when Angelovski got his license. During the Europa League qualifications, there were instances, when Rabotnichki played on the road, where the camera would show Angelovski, but the name Tomislav Franc would be written on the graphics.

Angelovski and Franc; photo: Makedonski SportAngelovski and Franc; photo: Makedonski Sport

Franc will face challenges when it comes to keeping Rabotnichki among the top teams in Macedonia. Most of the key players on the current squad are looking to leave the club in order to get a better salary. The new coach, however, will have enough time to identify suitable replacements since the winter break will end on February 21. That's when Franc will the main man in charge in the Round 19 fixture against Mladost.

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