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Pandev, Ibraimi, Angelovski pre-friendly statements

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Macedonia had a training in Koper on Tuesday; photo: Filip ZdraveskiMacedonia had a training in Koper on Tuesday; photo: Filip ZdraveskiGoran Pandev, Agim Ibraimi and national team coach Igor Angelovski gave statements regarding the friendly game against Slovenia on Wednesday.

Most important thing for Macedonia is that star player Goran Pandev will eventually make a come back.

"For me the national team is something sacred. It was very difficult for me when I was not playing. I talked to the current coach and decided to come back from retirement. It hurts me when I see on what place we are (at the FIFA World Ranking, editor's note). I am here to help, I missed all of you these years. I am happy that I met new players that are now part of the national team. Now everything it's up to us, but alsoto the media, together we can bring back the good old atmosphere. Without fans we can't achieve good results. We know where we have ended up in the last qualifiers. We don't deserve to be on the 138th place."

Pandev was in the NT in the time when Srečko Katanec was the national team coach. Now he is leading Slovenia. Asked if he had any thoughts of him for the game, he simply said: "No, I did not think of Katanec nor of Slovenia."

Agim Ibraimi is the lone player in the team that actually plays for a Slovenian team. He remembers the day when Macedonia beat Slovenia 3:2 in 2012 in Skopje and he had something to brag about upon returning to his club duties.

"I shouldn't waste words on Pandev. He is our main player who gives us additional positive energy. All of us should be united, like a family. We should fulfill the tasks given by the coach. Once, I got back to Maribor with my head held very high when we defeated them, now I want to repeat that. With Pandev we can play a lot more offensively, to press more, to attack more. Katanec always plays with counter attacks, it's his way of playing with only one striker. Currently he also summoned some new players."

National team coach Igor Angelovski commented the current situation withing the NT as well the hosts' approach to the game.

"Everyone in the team is important for achieving good results and getting out of the situation that we are stuck in. We do not have any injuries, all the players are good and I am happy that I can work in a good atmosphere. The players are thirsty for getting out on the field and making a good result. I always enter a game in order to win it, I like playing offensively and that is what I will ask them to do. Keep in mind that in football there are wins, but also defeats. Katanec prefers a defensive style that gives him results. I am not a type of coach that wants to defend for 90 minutes, I want my team to play football, to try and score a goal more than the opponent. So far they have been fulfilling my requests without a problem and that is a very important factor for getting a good result. If you work honestly, everyone will accept you and your ideas. My work is based on that, I respect the players, they are all important. I never consider a team those 11 that start the game, but all of them: those on the bench, on the stands, the people involved within the NT, the fans, the media, all of them take part in the NT."


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