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U17: Two defeats against Romania (Video)

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The Macedonians sing the anthem before the first match; photo: FRFThe Macedonians sing the anthem before the first match; photo: FRFMacedonia U17 lost twice in the two road friendlies against their Romanian counterparts.

In the first game played on Tuesday the young Macedonians were the first to take the lead after just 9 minutes of play. Enis Fazlagikj managed to make a solo run through the home defence and beat the keeper. However, the Romanians scored two goals in the second half and claimed the victory.

Complexului FRF in Mogoşoaia
Romania U17 - Macedonia U17 2:1 (0:1)
Scorers: 53' Iulian Ilie, 69' Antonio Manolache - 9' Enis Fazlagikj
Romania: Rus; Patrice, Țiereanu, Manolache, Jurj; Casian, Screciu, Onişa; Gologan, Sefer, Politic.
Macedonia: Ziberi; Antovski, Ramadani, Spasov, Panovski; Skenderi, Koleski, Fazlagikj, Naumoski; Trajkovski, Kolevski.

Macedonia's goal (at 15:20):

The second friendly was decided by a lone goal scored in the 52nd minute when the Macedonian defense failed to stop Chera to lob the visiting keeper.

Complexului FRF in Buftea
Romania U17 - Macedonia U17 1:0 (0:0)
Scorers: 52' Vlad Antonio Chera
Romania: Cristea; Ivan, Țiereanu, Manolache (C), Patrice (41' Popa); Duminică (67' Botezatu), Screciu (67' Gritto), Horșia (60' Politic); Tucaliuc, Ilie (41' Gologan), Chera (60' Bodea).
Macedonia: Ziberi; Aleksovski, Spasov, Ferati, Antovski; Fazlagikj, Trajkovski; Naumoski, Skenderi, Koleski; Kolevski (C).


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