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Which Macedonian clubs have a web site?

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Vardar, Rabotnichki and Shkendija have the best web sitesVardar, Rabotnichki and Shkendija have the best web sitesWe made a research on which Macedonian clubs have an active web site and the results aren't satisfying.

We live in an era where people inform themselves through the internet. An up to date web site today is a must for every serious football club and that stands for the Macedonian clubs, at least for those in the top flight. We did a research checking every club that we could think of, not only the first league participants, but even those in the lower divisions.

Here is what we found:

1.MFL clubs: 5 out of 10 clubs have an active web site which is a disappointing number.

Pelister - the club from Bitola has a decent site with news on a daily basis with news, photos and videos. It is only in Macedonian language.
Pobeda - the web site of Pobeda stopped being updated when the club got suspended by FIFA. The last news is about the newly formed Viktorija that is actually the Pobeda that today plays in the first league. Surprisingly, only has English version.
Rabotnichki - the lads from Debar Maalo are doing a good job. They keep their site up to date with news and photos, they only have to work on their YouTube channel. The site is available in both Macedonian and English.
Renova - its not actually a club's web site, only a one page brief history at the club's main sponsor web site.
Shkendija - one of the best web sites with interviews, news, photos, videos and good design. The only flaw is that it is available only in Albanian; no Macedonian, not even English. It is practically unuseful for non-Albanian speakers.
Shkupi - Same as Shkendija, just with poorer design. Also not available to non-Albanian speakers.
Vardar - together with Shkendija they have the best site with one difference, their is only in Macedonian language as the English version exists but without any news. For a club with European ambitions, an English version is a must.

2.MFL clubs: only 2 out of 10 clubs have a web site, both active. For a Macedonian second tier, its ok.

Akademija Pandev - for a club owned by Goran Pandev it is a must to have a web site. But they definitely must improve, especially the English version as when you chose it it gives you everything in Macedonian.
Teteks - ok, this is fans' page, but it acts as an official. Its up to date with basic news and info. Only in Macedonian.

3.MFL clubs: none of the 8 web site is active, that means that not a singli third league club has an up to date web site. Total black-out!

Bregalnica Golak - seems like the lads from Brega have given up on their site as the last new is from September 2013. It is clear that the site was still being made when they stopped doing it. Only in Macedonian language.
Flamurtari - the club from the village of Debreshe has a good looking site, too bad they stopped doing it last season. It is some kind of mixed English-Albanian language.
Korabi - another mixed English-Albanian language web site that this season still hasn't been updated.
Madjari Solidarnost - their site isn't active from 2014, but still exists. You can read old new and watch photos. Only in Macedonian.
Ohrid - another forgotten page. Ohrid's web site survives despite not being active since 2011. Only in Macedonian.
Ovche Pole - good design, but they as well gave up after only one season as they started last year. Only in Macedonian.
Sasa - another site that stopped somewhere during the last season. Only in Macedonian.
Vrapchishte - another old site, not active since 2012. And available only in Turkish.

4.MFL clubs: none expects from a Macedonian fourth league side to have a web site, but there is one active!

Cementarnica 55 - the site of Cement was made by a Polish lad who tried to update it after the downfall of the club, but eventually stopped two years ago. It's only in Polish language.
Gorski Edinstvo - the oldest Veles based club is stuck in the lower division, but runs a Macedonian language web site in which you can find up to date newest results and tables.

currently inactive clubs:
Ilinden 1955 - the club from the village of Bashino on several occasions had a web site with this one being their last.

Do you know a web site that we've missed? Leave a comment bellow.


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