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Prva Liga 2009/10
Match Report - Round 1

Saturday, 01 August 2009 - 17:00
Teteks Makedonija GjP


Makedonija GjP



Attendance: 4.000

Starting Lineup
29' ausgewechselt Levkov, Blagoj (Forward)
eingewechselt Radonjikj, Zhivorad (Forward)
81' ausgewechselt Jovanoski, Miroslav (Midfielder)
eingewechselt Deilson, Elias da Silva (Midfielder)
88' ausgewechselt Redjepi, Eljmedin (Midfielder)
eingewechselt Uroshevikj, Aleksandar (Midfielder)
46' ausgewechselt Kiendé Lendoye, Beni Popaul (Midfielder)
eingewechselt Gligorovski, Ivica (Forward)
62' ausgewechselt Ilievski, Milan (Defender)
eingewechselt Brnjarchevski, Toni (Midfielder)
82' ausgewechselt Augusto Farias, Carlos (Midfielder)
eingewechselt Nastevski, Ivan (Midfielder)



  • Miroslav Jovanoski 42'
  • Aleksandar Uroshevikj 90'
  • Mirko Ivanovski 71'
  • Nikolche Klechkarovski 84'

Yellow cardYellow card

  • Dragan Naumovski
  • Dimche Ristevski
  • Borche Postolov
  • Aleksandar Uroshevikj
  • Georges Ambourouet
  • Igor Kralevski
  • Mirko Ivanovski


After 16 years of waiting, the fans of Teteks finally got the chance to support their team in the first league, where they belong.

After the first 30 minutes of calm play, mainly in the middle of the pitch, Makedonija took the initiative and went forward in attack. Ambourouet took a free kick from the left side in the 34th minute and found Montanari in the box but the goalkeeper Kmetovski saved his header.
In the 41st minute, Makedonija had the biggest chance in the first half when Kleckarovski shot from close range and Kmetovski blocked the shot but the ball came again to Kleckarovski who shot over the goal in the 2nd attempt. And only a minute later Teteks punished the mistakes of Makedonija. Makedonija's defenders tried to make an offside trap but Ristevski used their mistake and got close to the goal where he passed to Miroslav Jovanovski who scored for the 1:0 lead.

Makedonija continued with their attacks in the second half and finally in the 71st minute Ambourouet sent a cross from the left and found Mirko Ivanovski who lobbed Kmetovski with a header and equalized the result.
After one cross from the right side in the 84th minute, Nastovski headed the ball backwards where he found Kleckarovski who was left alone in the box and didn't find it hard to score for 1:2.
And just when everyone though that Teteks will be defeated in the their opening match, in the 94th minut the captain Savevski took a free kick from the right side and Aleksandar Urosevic headed the ball in Makedonija's net for final 2:2 and big celebration for the players and their supporters from Tetovo.