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Prva Liga 2009/10
Match Report - Round 1

Monday, 03 August 2009 - 17:00
Horizont Turnovo Pobeda Prilep

Horizont Turnovo

Pobeda Prilep



Starting Lineup
62' ausgewechselt Pandev, Sashko (Forward)
eingewechselt Kovacev, Daniel (Forward)
76' ausgewechselt Tenekedjiev, Aleksandar (Midfielder)
eingewechselt Todorov, Krste (Midfielder)
90' ausgewechselt Stojanov, Panche (Defender)
eingewechselt Tasev, Panhce (Goalkeeper)
34' ausgewechselt Dameski, Blagojche (Defender)
eingewechselt Veljanoski, Viktor (Defender)
54' ausgewechselt Marković, Vlada (Defender)
eingewechselt Altiparmakovski, Vangel (Forward)
60' ausgewechselt Zojcheski, Aleksandar (Forward)
eingewechselt Churlinov, Cvetan (Forward)



  • Sashko Pandev 10'
  • Sashko Pandev 12'
  • Dragan Gjorgiev 84'
  • Ilija Nestorovski 52'

Yellow cardYellow card

  • Martin Shishkov
  • Filip Mircheski
  • Aleksandar Stojanov
  • Ilija Nestorovski


Turnovo saved the pride of the hosts this round, as they were the only home team to note a home win in the opening matches of the new season.

Same as last year, the Kukus stadium in Turnovo showed to be unbeatable ground for Hoziront. Turnovo's win was announced in the first minutes as Sasko Pandev scored fast two goals in two minutes.

Laster in the match Pobeda lowered the lead with the goal by Ilija Nestorovski, but that was all they did in this match. Dragan Georgiev on six minutes before the end, sealed Turnovo's win with another goal and set the final 3:1.