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Prva Liga 2009/10
Match Report - Round 2

Sunday, 09 August 2009 - 17:00
Vardar Teteks





Attendance: 5.000

Starting Lineup
57' ausgewechselt Tripunovski, Nikola (Midfielder)
eingewechselt Pandovski, Aleksandar (Forward)
82' ausgewechselt Ejupi, Muzafer (Forward)
eingewechselt Ristovski, Stefan (Midfielder)
86' ausgewechselt Kostencoski, Marko (Midfielder)
eingewechselt Jakovlevski, Dragan (Midfielder)
57' ausgewechselt Uroshevikj, Aleksandar (Midfielder)
eingewechselt Jesus de Aguinaldo, Braga (Defender)
66' ausgewechselt Ristevski, Dimche (Midfielder)
eingewechselt Deilson, Elias da Silva (Midfielder)
73' ausgewechselt Radonjikj, Zhivorad (Forward)
eingewechselt Zaharievski, Srgjan (Midfielder)



  • Muzafer Ejupi 32'
  • Boško Stupić 56'
  • Stefan Ristovski 90'
  • Zhivorad Radonjikj 2'

Yellow cardYellow card

  • Zlatko Ristov
  • Marko Kostencoski
  • Darko Saveski
  • Igor Savevski
  • Miroslav Jovanoski


After the long break, Vardar and Teteks met again. More then 5000 fans arrived on the Gradski stadium in Skopje to support both teams and the friendly supporters groups Komiti and Vojvodi made fantastic atmosphere. Overall, a match that deserves the highest grades and a match that will attract more fans to the Macedonian stadium in the future.

Big shock for the home fans happened right on the start of the match when Zivorad Radonjic used the carelessness by Vardar's defence and the goalkeeper Madzovski and Teteks in the lead.
But Vardar quickly came back and started attacking but Stupic in the 4th and Belcev in the 5th minute failed to use their scoring chances. Finally in the 32nd minute, Tripunovski took a free kick from the right side end sent an excellent cross in the box where he found Muzafer Ejupi who struck the ball with his head in to the net for equalizing the score.

After the few chances on both sides, Vardar managed to take the lead in the 56th minute when Bosko Stupic received a ball in the left side of the box and scored for 2:1. The heavy rain caused problems for both teams, so there were not many big chances as in the first half. Finally in the last minute of the match, after a counter attack, young Stefan Ristovski dribbled the goalkeeper end scored for final 3:1 and big celebration for the home fans.

Video highlights