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Prva Liga 2009/10
Match Report - Round 2

Sunday, 09 August 2009 - 17:00
Shkupi Horizont Turnovo


Horizont Turnovo



Attendance: 2.000

Starting Lineup
62' ausgewechselt Nedjipi, Armend (Midfielder)
eingewechselt Sulejmani, Besnik (Midfielder)
75' ausgewechselt Tenekedjiev, Aleksandar (Midfielder)
eingewechselt Hristovski, Robert (Defender)



  • Senat Muminovikj 68'
  • Dragan Gjorgiev 45'

Yellow cardYellow card

  • Blerim Gudjufi
  • Bujamin Asani
  • Armend Nedjipi
  • Mentor Idrizi
  • Tomica Petrov
  • Panche Stojanov


After the big break of 4 years, 2 months and 10 days, the former champion Sloga Jugomagnat finally hosted a first league match.

Supported by 1000 fans, Sloga were motivated to take the three points from this match and made pressure on Turnovo's goal, but Gudzufi and Bajrami failed to use their chances. The few missed chance probably caused big nervous for the home players and fans, so after the fourth earned yellow card for the home player, few fans entered the pitch and tried to confront with the referee, but luckily the tension was calmed soon .
After the big pressure of Sloga, surprisingly Turnovo took the lead in the 45th minute when Pandev assisted to Dragan Georgiev.

Sloga continued attacking in the second half and finally managed to equalize in the 68th minute when after a corner kick from the left side taken by Asani, Mumiovic struck the ball in Turnovo's net.

But the heavy rain that started falling in the second half caused big problems for the players, so in the 79th minute the referee decided to stop the match. According the the rules, a match that had more then 80% played (72 minutes) is registered with the actual score, so this match is registered with the 1:1 from the 79th minute.