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Prva Liga 2009/10
Match Report - Round 2

Sunday, 09 August 2009 - 17:00
Metalurg Pelister





Attendance: 200

Starting Lineup
60' ausgewechselt Shabani, Emir (Midfielder)
eingewechselt Ruteski, Blagojche (Midfielder)
ausgewechselt Krstev, Mile (Midfielder)
eingewechselt Geshoski, Blagoja (Forward)
74' ausgewechselt Milushev, Aleksandar (Defender)
eingewechselt Donev, Aleksandar (Defender)
86' ausgewechselt Petkovski, Nikola (Midfielder)
eingewechselt Maglovski, Stefan (Midfielder)
89' ausgewechselt Ljamchevski, Blagoja (Midfielder)
eingewechselt Altiparmakovski, Marjan (Forward)
90' ausgewechselt Dimitrovski, Dragan (Forward)
eingewechselt Veljanovski, Aleksandar (Defender)



  • Blagojche Ruteski 90'
  • Dragan Dimitrovski 52'
  • Sashko Lazarevski 60'

Yellow cardYellow card

  • Jovica Trajchev 35'
  • Bazhe Ilijoski 86'
  • Nemanja Bradonjić 35'


Pelister came to Skopje to pick up a point, returned to Bitola with three points. Starting from the very first minute, Metalurg was dominating and had many chances but simply couldn't score a goal against Pelister's keeper Igor Pavlović. From the beginning Metalurg had chances through Ilijoski and Velkovski, but Pavlović was excellent between the posts today. Later in the match, Krstev tried a shot from free-kick,  Shabani sent a shot as well as Đurić, but Pavlović blocked those shots as well. Pelister's only chance in the first half was when Lazarevski sent a cross from the right side, but Dimitrovski inside the box failed to convert the chance into a goal. Later in the match Pelister slowly started to control the ball more and did not allow total domination of the hosts. 

Right on the beginning of the second half, in the 52nd minute a football punishment arrived for Metalurg. After many missed chances for the hosts, Ljamcevski sent a ball inside the box from a free-kick and Dimitrovski sent the ball behind the keeper's back and into the net. That goal came as a shock for Metalurg  together with the heavy rain that started to fall which made conditions for play bad. In the 65th minute Lazarevski got a ball from his own half, ran to the other end and dribbled past Metalurg's keeper and did not find it hard to score the second goal for Pelister. The 0-2 scoreline was enough for Pelister and they did their job. Rutevski from Metalurg only managed to score in the dying minutes after a crowd in Pelister's box, but that was not enough for changing the outcome on this match played under rather bad weather, especially in the second half when heavy rain was falling constantly.