Mladost Carev Dvor wins historic promotion, Miravci stays in 2nd League


Moment of the match Mladost Carev Dvor - Pobeda Junior; photo: Ohrid NewsMoment of the match Mladost Carev Dvor - Pobeda Junior; photo: Ohrid NewsMiravci destroyed Vardar Negotino, Pobeda Junior celebrated a pyrrhic win against Mladost Carev Dvor.

Miravci had to defend a 1:0 lead from the first game, but with an early goal in the 2nd minute they made the job very difficult for their opponents. Another downfall for Vardar was the red card in the 13th minute and since that moment it was sure that Miravci would win a place in the Second League. Untill the end of the game Miravci added four more goals for a final win of 5:0 and a humiliation for the winners of the third League South. Miravci won 6:0 on aggregate.

The other game was way more interesting. Mladost Carev Dvor had a 3:1 lead from the first game, but still it was an active result. Pobeda Junior's captain Geshoski opened the score with a goal after 5 minutes of play, bringing hope to their fans. Only 5 minutes later Mladost's bomber Klechkaroski levelled on 1:1. Pobeda was attacking and their chance increased when Klechkaroski was sent off in the 72nd minute. 12 minutes later Pobeda took the lead through Aceski and needed one more for extra time. In the 88th minute the referee showed the second red card, but this time for one of Pobeda's players. The game ended with a pyrrhic win for Pobeda Junior as Mladost Carev Dvor wins with 4:3 on aggregate.

Mladost Carev Dvor - Pobeda Junior 1:2 (1:1)
20' Igor Klechkaroski - 15' Blagoja Geshoski, 84' Nove Aceski

Vardar Negotino - Miravci 0:5 (0:2)
2', 35', 71', 77', 85'

Miravci stays in the Second League while Mladost Carev Dvor won promotion and for the first time in their history will play in the Second League. Pobeda Junior got relegated, while Vardar Negotino will stay in the Third League South, the same league where Pobeda Junior will join.

Here is the full list of teams that will participate in the Second League season 2014/15:

Gorno Lisiche
Makedonija Gjorche Petrov
Mladost Carev Dvor


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