Several departures including Sedloski from Turnovo


Manager Sedloski also among the departures from Horizont TurnovoManager Sedloski also among the departures from Horizont TurnovoGoce Sedloski along with several players are no longer part of Turnovo following the early elimination in the Europa League qualifications.

Goce Sedloski is no longer the manager of Horizont Turnovo. Sedloski was one of the major candidates for taking over the Macedonian U21 national team and those rumors are now even stronger after he left the managerial position at Horizont Turnovo. 

Sedloski is not the only departure from Turnovo. New signings Pandovski and Mecinovikj only played two matches and they are also released from the club duties. Churlinov, Naumchevski and Ristevski are also no longer part of the club and it seems likely that Horizont Turnovo is yet another club that will function with younger players and probably lowered budget.

Sedloski's replacement is still not announced at the moment and the club will be led by assistant manager Shefki Arifovski.


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