Cup: 1/8 finals second leg results


Gorno Lisiche and Sileks players before the start of their match; photo: Aberdzija.comGorno Lisiche and Sileks players before the start of their match; photo: Aberdzija.comTurnovo eliminated Bregalnica after penalty shoot-out, Sileks is also out of the Cup.

After the goalless draw in the first leg between Horizont Turnovo and Bregalnica, the two teams once again failed to score a goal in the regular 90 minutes in Shtip and penalty shootout were needed for settling the winner of this match. Visitors from Turnovo turned out to be the better penalty takers and managed to win 3:4, thus advancing to the quarter final and leaving Bregalnica to battle on one front only.

Sileks failed to advance to the next round after they only played 1:1 at home in the first leg against second league side Gorno Lisiche and in today's away match they noted a 0:0 draw. The Vulpines have therefore advanced to the next round because of the away goals rule.

Renova had no problems with Gostivar after their first leg 1:4 win, they also noted a win at home - 1:0. Kozhuf Miravci also routinely advanced to the next round after they had a 2:0 advantage from the first leg against Napredok and today they noted even higher win, defeating the hosts 1:5.

Teteks eliminated second league side Shkupi after beating them 1:0 today. The first leg ended 1:1. The only third league side is also out of the competition - Pobeda Junior were eliminated after penalty shootout in Bogovinje to Drita.

Results of today's matches:

Bregalnica - Horizont Turnovo 0:0 (3:4 p.s.o.)

Gorno Lisiche - Sileks 0:0

Renova - Gostivar 1:0

Napredok - Kozhuf Miravci 1:5

Teteks - Shkupi 1:0

Drita - Pobeda Junior 1:1 (3:1 p.s.o.)

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With the matches between Rabotnichki - Pelister (21.10.2014) and Vardar - Shkendija (22.10.2014) the 1/8 finals round will be completed.

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