Bregalnica in chaos


Tough moments for the pride of Shtip; photo: Radio ShtipTough moments for the pride of Shtip; photo: Radio ShtipCulmination of the bad situation in Shtip as today players refused to train after a dispute between manager Gjore Jovanovski and two important players; Jovanovski immediately left for Skopje.

Bregalnica is under-performing badly this season as the Shtip based club is currently second to bottom with only 9 points after 13 rounds. In the last round played on Wednesday, Bregalnica, for the entire second half, had a two player advantage against Turnovo and still failed to win.

The situation escalated this afternoon when the team was supposed to have a training session. As Radio Shtip reports, manager Gjore Jovanovski told attacking midfielder Goran Zdravkov (13 games / 2 goals) and right midfielder Slavcho Velkovski (11/3) that they are not in the squad anymore. The 33-year old Zdravkov, a native of Shtip, is one of the most experienced and influential players in the squad, while 27-year old Velkovski is also a player who has been in the team for many seasons. Both are highly regarded by both the teammates and the fans. Therefore, the rest of the players took their side and refused to train as a sign of protest. Also, they demanded the club's board to dismiss Jovanovski.

After these events, Jovanovski immediately left the city of Shtip and headed to the capital of Skopje, where he lives. It is unlikely that Gjore will remain as manager of Bregalnica, so the board, despite supporting him over the player;s demands, will most likely have to look for a replacement.


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