Stadium in Tetovo to get renovations


Look at the state of the seatsLook at the state of the seatsThe Macedonian federation and the city of Tetovo will provide the funds to bring much needed renovations to that stadium.

It is well known to everyone who follows Macedonian football that the Gradski stadium in Tetovo is in very bad shape. The state of the pitch is appalling which can also be said about the conditions of the seats where fans have to sit to watch a game. They are torn up, outdated and completely unacceptable for a stadium in today's times.

The pitch at the recent Renova vs. Bregalnica gameThe pitch at the recent Renova vs. Bregalnica game

Unfortunately, Gradski Tetovo is not alone. Most of the stadiums across Macedonia are in dire condition. Infrastructure has been abandoned for a long time in Macedonia, leading to the current crisis facing football in the country. How is a youngster supposed to train to get better when many of the pitches are covered with mud? Same can be said about professionals who have to train in terrible conditions? The terrible pitches also lead to many ugly games since the muddy fields prevent attractive football from being player.

However, to improve the situation, any investment is welcome. That's why this news is welcoming for fans of football in Tetovo. The stadium in that city currently plays as host to three teams, those being Shkendija, Renova and Teteks. While the renovations are ongoing, each team will play in new venues.

The project calls for the grass to be completely replaced, for floodlights to be installed so night games can be played in the future, and for new seats to replace the horribly outdated ones that make up the current seats.

FFM's president and Tetovo's mayor look over the fieldFFM's president and Tetovo's mayor look over the field

As for the replacement stadiums, Shkendija will mostly play in Kumanovo, Renova will play in the village of Bogovinje, while Teteks will play in Skopje. For Shkendija's high risk matches (those against Vardar and Teteks), games may be moved out of Kumanovo and into Skopje to reduce the likelihood of an incident.


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