Altiparmakovski leads domestic players to win


The starters for both sides; photo: TelegrafThe starters for both sides; photo: TelegrafThe match between a select group of Macedonian and foreign players from the domestic league saw the Macedonian side come out on top 2:1.

Substitute Marjan Altiparmakovski, who came on at the start of the 2nd half, scored a late goal in the 89th minute to lead the Macedonian group of players past an undermanned side of foreigners from the domestic league.

This game may have been a good idea when it was conceived, but a lot of the luster was lost when many of the best foreigners in Macedonia declined to participate. On paper, the Macedonian side looked much stronger, facing an opponent featuring a number of players who have seen limited action for their clubs this season. However, that was the scenario that played out on Saturday.

The foreigners ran into additional problems when it came to personnel. Only 15 players were available and two of them were late replacements added on short notice. Besar Iseni and Bae Beomgeung were not even on the original squad, but had to be included due to a shortage of players. Bae was even released by Shkupi earlier this month, but he found himself as one of the starters for the foreigners.

For the domestic players, there was one unannounced change to the roster. Nikola Tonev, a veteran center-back, was replaced on the team by his Bregalnica teammate Darko Stojanov. Given the age of those two players, that was a smart decision. Stojanov, in turn, was paired with Kire Ristevski in central defense.

The Macedonian side was mostly in control during the opening half, taking a deserved lead in the 26th minute. Marjan Radeski received an accurate pass to barely beat the offside trap, and he did the rest with a calm finish to the bottom right corner. Filip Ivanovski and Dejan Blazhevski also had good looks in the 1st half, but the opposing keeper saved their shots.

Manager Igor Angelovski made six changes at the halftime break. That hurt the flow of the game as cohesion was lacking. As the 2nd half went on, the foreign players actually started to look the better side. Particularly on the left side, the duo of Sebastian Herrera and Meriton Korenica was dangerous. That extra sense of confidence paid off in the 88th minute when Herrera fired a powerful shot past Marko Jovanovski to tie the game at 1:1.

Marjan Altiparmakovski, though, would quickly restore the lead for the Macedonian group. The very next minute, Marjan found himself inside the area and slotted a left footed shot to the back of the net. That would prove to be the winner as the domestic players won 2:1 over the foreigners in the Macedonian league.


Macedonian players: Jovanovski, Siljanovski (46' Murati), Stojanov, Ristevski, Glishic (46' Cikarski), Najdenov, Alimi (46' Nikolov), Radeski (46' Gligorov), Ibraimi (46' Emini), Blazhevski, Ivanovski (46' Altiparmakovski).

Foreign players: Mitrovic (46' Azizi), M. Rudan (46' S. Rudan), Mijuskovic, Ivanov (46' Borja), Vujcic, Iseni (70' Bae), Taipi, Herrera, S. Sahiti, E. Sahiti, Bae (46' Korenica).

Over in Veles, meanwhile, a select group of U21 players won 2:0 over Turnovo in the other game that was played on Saturday. Two goals in the 62nd and 74th minute made the difference. The first one coming on a penalty kick by Demir Imeri, while the second scored by Valentin Kochsoki, both actually players of Turnovo. This upcoming Monday, on December 14, the U21 group will face the Macedonian players from the domestic league.

Macedonia U21: Senad Mujovikj, Leon Najdovski, Aleksa Amanovikj, Stefan Kocev, Kostadin Cheshmedjiev, Hakan Redzep, Eduard Zuta, Tihomir Kostadinov, Filip Pivkovski, Borko Gorgiev, Benjamin Demir.

Turnovo: Kristijan Stoilkov, Tomislav Iliev (85' Hristijan Jakimov), Arben Tafe (56' Kiril Stanojkov), Hristijan Ivanov, Gjorgji Stoilov, Nikola Bozhinov, Mario Krstovski (85' Hristijan Kocevski), Gjorgji Tanushev, Petar Mitev, Zoran Doriev, Kristijan Kostadinov.


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