Best goals in the first half-season (Video)


photo: FK Vardar/Kocho Photographyphoto: FK Vardar/Kocho PhotographyWe present you two video compilations with the best goals scored from free kicks and from active play that occurred in the Macedonian leagues during the first half-season.

The long winter break is on in Macedonia and nobody plays football. Some teams left their cities and went on training camps abroad or home, but most are still hibernating.

To kill the boredness we present you two videos with some beauties that we witnessed on the field across Macedonia. Keep in mind that we took into consideration all the leagues, not only the First League. of course, most of the highlights we managed to find were from the top flight.

The first video shows the best 5 goals scored from a free kick.

The second video is made by the best 10 goals scored active play.


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