Play-off draw results for filling the Second League (Updated)


The headquarters of FFMThe headquarters of FFMThe much anticipated draw for filling the Second League was made on Friday at the FFM headquarters and later the venues of the games were revealed.

At the time of the draw it was still unknown the name the winner of the Third League West. The last round game between play-off candidates Vardar and the home team of Rechica GR never kicked-off as two refereeing teams were present at the field. After 30 minutes of conversation, the visiting team of Vardari decided go head home. On Saturday, the game was awarded 3:0 to Rechica GR by the Third League West commision meaning that the other play-off candidates of Skenderbeu, who won their match to top the table with 3 points more then Vardari, are champions. But, Vardari filed a complaint to FFM who on Monday decided that the game should be played instead of being awarded.

Now the game Rechica GR - Vardari si scheduled for Wednesday at 17.00 CET, at the same day as the play-offs for filling the Second League. That means that the play-off involving Vardar Negotino and the winner of the Third League West has been moved for Sunday, when the other two will play the return legs.

These are the results of the draw:

Gradski stadium in Kichevo, 25 May at 16.00 CET:
(2.MFL eight-placed) vs. Novaci (3.MFL South-West winner)

Nikola Mantov stadium in Kochani, 25 May at 16.00 CET:
Akademija Pandev (3.MFL East winner) vs. Goblen Junior (3.MFL North winner)

Goce Delchev stadium in Prilep, 29 May at 16.00 CET:
Vardar Negotino (3.MFL South winner) vs. Skenderbeu/Vardari (3.MFL West winner)

Huge favourites for a Second League promotion is the team of Akademija Pandev. Last season they for competing in the Fourth League of Strumica, but being sponsored by star player Goran Pandev they invest much in the youth sector and also have the finances to bring experienced players. The are clearly the best side out of all the six play-off participants and unfortunately for Goblen Junior, they have to face them. The Kumanovo based team are in these play-offs for the second time. The first time in the season 2013/14 they were eliminated by Miravci.

The tie between Ljubanci and Novaci should be the most interesting as both teams are with pretty similar quality with Ljubanci having a small advantage. Ljubanci last season beat Veleshta to win promotion and this time will play to avoid relegation since they ended on the 8th place in the Second League. Novaci took the first place in the Third League South-West in the last couple of rounds and even smashed rivals Veleshta with 8:0. Ljubanci was doing great in the first half-season, but after losing several players started going down.

Vardar are firm favourites no matter if they face Vardari or Skenderbeu. The Negotino based team have simply more experienced players and it is now or never to make a Second League come back, something they dream about since the season 2008/09 when they got relegated. If anything else happens, Vardari or Skenderbeu would debut in the Second League. For those who don't know, Vardari are a team from the village of Forino in the Gostivar area, Skenderbeu are also a village team, but from Poroj near Tetovo. Vardar also played in the play-off back in 2013/14 when in that time 8 teams took part and two round were played. They eliminated Belasica, but then lost by Miravci.


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