Darko Panchev director of sports at Vardar


Panchev (R) at the presentation; photo: fkvardar.mk/Petr StojanovskiPanchev (R) at the presentation; photo: fkvardar.mk/Petr Stojanovski The rumour was there for a couple of days, but today it became official that Macedonian football legend Darko Panchev is Vardar's new director of sports.

Vardar moved up after Sergei Samsonenko took them over, but the last years there was no big movement. The businessman from Russia invested money in the infrastructure and also in players, something that helped the Macedonian football and especially Vardar, but latterly it was obvious that the money he made available isn't enough to have success in Europe. Maybe the employment of Panchev is a sign for bigger effort in the upcoming period.

The biggest Macedonian club was without a director of sports since Goce Sedloski took over as a coach, before that he had that position. There was also a short period when Gjoko Hadzievski had this position, but he left the club disappointed. Now Darko Panchev arrived for the third time after two short and not really successful stints in the past.

Panchev at the press conference; photo. fkvardar.mkPanchev at the press conference; photo. fkvardar.mk

At the press conference Panchev said that the club has to become more competitive in Europe and have to improve the work with the young players from the academy. This must happen because there is no other way for success in Europe unless Samsonenko is ready to spend much more money. Vardar has to produce good footballers and it is also important for them to buy the best Macedonian talents from the other Macedonian clubs. Probably the last point is more important in the beginning because it take years to develop the talents from the academy into good players, so short term it's easier to collect young players that are already on a good level. We wish Darko and Vardar all the best, hopefully they will help to improve Macedonia's football.


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