Preview: Round 18


altalt Last round of the first half of the season is scheduled for this weekend. Once again only 4 matches, with a possibility to be played only 3, after Vardar threatened to boycott the league.

Rabotnicki - Teteks

The 18th round will be opened by Rabotnicki and Teteks. The hosts have lost in the last round away from home to Sileks and remained on the second place, now with 5 points behind leaders Renova. Teteks have easily won over Milano and are now on the 8th place with 4 points more then Vardar, the 9th placed team. The first match played between these two was a bit controversial but nothing was proven. This match is with an imperative for a victory for the hosts after they have slowly started losing grip in the race for the first place. Rabotnicki hold the favorites role and should have more then enough to win over Teteks.

Renova - Horizont Turnovo

With a fabulous play in the last round, Renova managed to destroy Pobeda and won 0-4 away from home. Therefore, they have confirmed their first place and the 'autumn leaders' place. In the last round, they will be hosting Turnovo. The visitors have played an outstanding match in the last round against Pelister eventually winning 4-3. The first match between these two, on Kukus Stadium, ended in a 2-2 draw.

Pelister - Sileks

The hosts have lost twice in a row in a two consecutive away matches and lost the third place, falling down to fifth. On the other side, after 4 consecutive defeats Sileks finally managed to win against Rabotnicki in the last round and bit easier will enter into this match. These two teams have same balance so far and same points gathered. The first match ended in a 1-0 win for Sileks and it is interesting go note that out of the last 10 matches between these two one has never ended in a draw. Sileks won 6, 5 of them at home, Pelister won 4 including 1 in Kratovo.

Metalurg - Vardar

A big question mark is put over this match, after Vardar has announced that they will not play after a bad procedures over their player Stefan Ristovski's contracg who got annuled, then frozen. If it is played, Metalurg holds the favorite role after their latest series of good results and the third place they are holding. Metalurg and Vardar drew their first game played on Philip II Arena. 

For Milano and Pobeda the first half has ended as they are free in this round.

Betting advices

For this round, according to bookies, the home teams are favorites. A combination of all 4 home wins gives odds of 2.57 in In our humble opinion, all home wins are a realistic outcome of these matches, putting them in the following order, sorted by confidence.

1. Rabotnicki to win over Teteks @1.10
2. Renova to win over Horizont Turnovo @1.20
3. Metalurg to win over Vardar @1.30
4. Pelister to win over Sileks @1.50


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